Baby Room (0 - 1 year) & Tiny Tots (1 - 2 years)

Baby Room
Baby Room

Our baby unit consists of 2 spacious playrooms with experienced and qualified staff who care for up to 19 under 2s
(maximum adult : child ratio 1 : 3)

Sleepy Room
Sleepy Room

and a monitored sleepy room where babies can rest in a calm and peaceful space. Each room also has its own changing/toileting area to allow staff to attend to your child's needs in a caring and dignified manner.


The bright, homely atmosphere of both rooms aims to provide the reassurance, security and stimulation that babies require to develop their senses and reach important milestones.

Tiny Tots
Tiny Tots

As your baby develops, he/she will be gradually introduced to new experiences and further stimulation relevant to their developmental stage - more mobility and exploratory/discovery (heuristic) play, soft physical play, messy play (sand, water, paint, gloop etc) and construction toys, to name but a few.

Each child is assigned a key worker who will take special responsibility for them, and will work closely with you to ensure the best possible care for your child and communication between home and nursery. The key worker will provide you with a Daily Sheet to inform you about your child's day, and will maintain a record of developmental observations in a Personal Learning Plan. This Plan will move through the nursery room groups with your child and will be available to you at all times.

Tiger Tots (2 to 3 years)

Our Tiger Tots Room has experienced and qualified staff that can care for up to 12 children (maximum adult : child ratio 1 : 5)

Tiger Tots
Tiger Tots

The Tiger Tots Room still focuses on the care and relationships that are vital to a young child, while at the same time gently encouraging independence and stimulating intellectual and emotional development. Children moving up from the Tiny Tots room will have a settling in period, including visits for the child and their parents and introduction to new key key worker, to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.

The Tiger Tots Room is situated next to the children's toilets and has full changing facilities, to ease toilet training when your child (and you) are ready. Staff will work closely with you to make this step as straightforward as possible.

We continue the key worker system used with the under 2s (see above) to ensure continuity of care, good communication, and developing relationships.

Birth to Three Curriculum

Our 0 - 3 departments use Glasgow City Council guidance and Birth to Three Matters to plan and assess a range of experiences. The underpinning ethos is on Responsive Care, Relationships and Respect. The planning focuses on 4 key areas of development;

  • A Skillful Communicator
  • A Healthy Child
  • A Competent Learner
  • A Strong Child

Quiet Room
Quiet Room

3 - 5 Years Department

The 3 to 5 years department is situated in the upstairs part of the building. This consists of two large open plan playrooms, staffed by experienced and qualified staff (maximum staff : child ratio 1 : 8).

Our staff team is supported by a Glasgow City Council teacher who visits Nursery regularly to assist us in planning and developing our curriculum. Our ethos and planning support the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence: that every child shall become a confident individual, effective contributor, responsible citizen and successful learner.

Messy Room
Messy Room


  • Messy Room for arts and crafts
  • Early Writing and Literacy
  • Role Play
  • ICT
  • Numeracy
  • Physical Room to provide further opportunities for active play and physical development

As each child is an individual, and the different stages of development between 3 and 5 years can vary greatly, we aim to offer play experiences which are suitable to each child's developmental stage and individual interests rather than age.

Children are encouraged to share their ideas with staff and help to plan their own activities. Staff are trained to encourage children to identify and reflect on their learning through skillful questioning and feedback.

At the end of each year the children leaving to start school will take part in a Graduation Ceremony, dressed in hat and gown and be presented with a leaving certificate. A party / fun day will mark the end of nursery years and the important milestone of going to school.