At Jack & Jill Nursery we understand the importance of well balanced, nutritional meals to support healthy minds and bodies. It is also important to encourage an appreciation and enjoyment of meal times to develop a healthy attitude to food. We regularly seek feedback from staff, children and parents regarding the menu, and use this information to create our 4 weekly Summer and Winter menus.

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Snack and lunch times in nursery are also opportunities to develop social skills. Children help to prepare the tables, count and sort cups and utensils, and develop co-operation and teamwork skills. Staff and children sit and talk together which encourages good social skills and table manners. Our aim is that meal times are enjoyable and rich in learning opportunities.

All our meals and snacks are freshly prepared in our kitchen daily. This means that we are serving healthy home cooked food using quality ingredients and use only natural ingredients to flavour food – no added salt or sugar! We can also respond to individual children's dietary requirements and preferences.

All staff hold REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

Healthy, nutritious and tasty meals come from quality ingredients, therefore we only use:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible
  • Beef and chicken from named farms
  • Free range organic eggs

We are happy to accommodate any dietary requirement / preference. Please speak with Nursery Manager for more information.

Kim, August 2013